Functional Medicine is a personalized, holistic model that is an evolution in the delivery of healthcare that addresses the needs of the 21st century. Functional Medicine addresses the underlying causes of disease, not only its symptoms as mainstream medicine is prone to do, and in this way, is health rather than illness oriented. A primary goal of Functional Medicine is to promote health and vitality by looking at each person’s:

  • Personal lifestyle
  • Unique biochemistry
  • Genetic predispositions
  • Environmental factors and toxicities



Functional Medicine has been shown to be effective for many chronic health challenges including:

Autoimmune conditions Hormonal imbalances Chronic pain  Cardiovascular disease Fibromyalgia Thyroid dysfunction • Neurodegenerative disorders





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Dr. Ward uses a Functional Medicine approach that includes:

  • Identifying each patient’s antecedents (factors that predispose to acute or chronic illness, such as genetics), triggers (specific entities or events that provoke disease or it’s symptom, such as infections or exposure to environmental toxins) and mediators (lifestyle habits that contribute to manifestations of disease, such as diet, sleep and exercise) of disease and dysfunction
  • Discovering the factors in the patient’s lifestyle and environment that influence the expression of health or disease
  • Applying all the data collected about a patient to a matrix of biological systems, within which disturbances in function originate and are expressed
  • Integrating all this information to create a comprehensive picture of what is causing the patient’s problems, where they are originating, what has influenced their development, and where to intervene to begin reversing the disease process.


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